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Introduction to Network Monitoring

Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model Understanding of basic networking begins with the Open Systems Interconnect model. The OSI model standardizes the key functions of a network using networking protocols. This allows different devices types from different vendors to communicate with each other over a network. In the OSI model, network communications are grouped into seven […]

Outside Sales Account Manager

ADCom Solutions is searching for an energetic, committed and customer-focused team member to support our growth in the various technology practices we bring to the marketplace.

Better Managed IT Performance Means Better Business Performance.

To successfully manage today’s complex corporate IT department, a business needs highly skilled professionals who can provide 24-hour support. Unfortunately, the additional overhead and day-to-day maintenance can take away focus from  your organization’s core business objectives. ADCom Solutions provides robust capability with application monitoring, network monitoring, and a network operations center that is open and […]

Using Mobile Devices to Lower Costs and Boost Patient Care

With medical image archives increasing by as much as 40% annually, many hospitals are turning to technology to help patients and doctors manage their care. AT&T has created a mobile application that addresses the challenge of increasing demand for data storage while reducing image management costs. This pay-as-you-go, cloud-based solution will allow hospitals to provide […]

Managed IT Services: APM Custom Dashboards Need Flexibility

Application monitoring is just one of many reasons companies look to providers of managed IT services.  As data centers migrate to distributed and virtualized cloud environments, fewer companies find they have the internal resources necessary to monitor the day-to-day performance of essential programs and still maintain their focus on business-critical functions.  Since service degradation is […]

Improving User Productivity with Application Monitoring

Ultimately, the goal of your IT efforts is to increase end-user productivity.  As long as end-users can perform their jobs with little or no interruption from the network, you have been successful. Application monitoring can help make it even easier.  Here’s how: Application monitoring in real time alerts you when end-users are experiencing performance issues […]

Managed IT Services Can Improve A Company’s Service Delivery

Managed IT services can help your business find a balance between technology and cost in today’s economy.  Whether due to increased regulation, pressures to keep confidential information secure, tightening profit margins, hiring uncertainties, or an overextended IT staff, managed IT service providers can help you maintain or expand your capabilities to meet the growing technology […]