Can Outsourcing Application Management Really Help Your Business?

The goal of every IT department is to provide the best applications to meet the needs of the company and its end-users. Even though the applications are company-specific, utilizing application management for a quality end-user experience is a routine function and can be easily outsourced. . Finding an effective application performance management (APM) solution can improve the bottom line of your business and free up internal resources to focus on specific business-related issues.

Several factors can affect the speed of an application, which can then affect your business.  Partnering with a comprehensive application management provider such as ADCom Solutions provides quick identification of the fault domain so the problem can potentially be resolved without even involving your IT department.

For example, if the issue rests with your carrier, the application management provider would be able to open a trouble ticket and monitor the issue until it is resolved, keeping your IT department updated along the way.  Or, if the issue is a data center server, the specific nature hicallyslot of the problem and the specific server can be identified. With detailed knowledge of the problem, your IT personnel would not waste time troubleshooting; they would simply focus on resolving the issue.

Since application management occurs in real-time, an APM service provider can identify and resolve issues before they become apparent to the end-user. Additionally, it is even possible for you to view analytics to determine how end-users utilize the resources you provide.

With ADCom as your application management partner, your IT department can focus on specific projects that drive your business to save valuable time and money.

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