WAN Managed Service Provider: See What Russell Scott of Lehigh Hanson, Inc. Says About ADCom

“ADCom as a managed service provider was used to monitor, provision and maintain nearly 500 circuits for Lehigh Hanson, Inc.  Managing that number of circuits can be a daunting task.  Added to the difficulty is Lehigh Hanson’s industrial environment and footprint which tends to be a significant distance from metropolitan areas.

The relationship Lehigh Hanson was able to develop with ADCom allowed for significant performance improvement in their MPLS WAN cloud. ADCom worked tirelessly to resolve issues as quickly as possible and provide timely, proactive recommendations for further improving WAN stability.  The team at ADCom was always flexible as well.  The nature of Lehigh Hanson’s business requires them to provision, de-provision, or re-size circuits routinely and quickly.  ADCom was able to navigate the complexity of dealing with AT&T to ensure our needs were met within SLA.

Due to ADCom’s involvement with monitoring the Lehigh Hanson WAN, the WAN Service provided by Lehigh Hanson IT was able to mature quickly and improve SLA performance.  As a result of this increased maturity came an increased need for better reporting and new metrics to further refine the service.  The ADCom team was always willing to provide new reporting and update existing reporting as the needs changed.

Most importantly though is the overall commitment Conor and the rest of the team at ADCom has for customer service.  Too often in this age of cost consciousness, customer service takes a back seat to price.  ADCom delivered VALUE, which is the unique combination of price and customer service.  The team was a privilege to work with.   I would recommend them to any company serious about providing a mature and stable WAN service to their business.”


Russell Scott

Director of IT, Infrastructure, Client and Server Systems, Project Management, Business Analysis