Technology Designs, Deployments, and How They Affect Your Business

Companies of all types are developing technology designs to interact with customers in new ways. These technology deployments enable customers to engage brands in ways unavailable in the past, promising increased loyalty and revenues for enterprises that are willing to move forward.

As an example of these types of technological designs, The Wall Street Journal reports on J. C. Penney’s efforts to install radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on its entire inventory. Sales staff equipped with iPads and iPods will immediately be able to locate stock. It will also facilitate customers checking out using smartphones.

According to the report, by spring of 2013 all store associates will be able to ring up customers using iPods. Penney’s anticipates a time in the near future when cash registers will be essentially obsolete, another reason retailers are engaged in technology deployments.

The in-store network to integrate the large number of mobile devices – one for each sales associate – as well as the currently co-existing cash registers must work flawlessly to prevent loss of sales. Additionally, the in-store network must integrate with the company-wide system.

As another example, Darden Restaurants, owners of eight restaurant chains, also has technology designs on the future. They are implementing analytics to track diner’s preferences so they can offer coupons online, or even have waiters make custom recommendations to the customer. They are also exploring how customers might be able to pay at the table using their smartphones.

Again, a complex in-store network connecting multiple devices to facilitate convenient payment options and deliver customer information must be integrated into the large company-wide system. For companies with multiple locations trying to engage customers to the full advantage of mobile technology, these types of technology designs will become common.

However, technology designs of this complexity require careful planning and integration, possibly involving multiple data carriers across different regions. Coordinating these efforts requires a level of expertise in a broad range of technologies that most IT departments lack.

A knowledgeable partner like ADCom Solutions will be an essential element in successful technology deployments.

ADCom Solutions can work with your business to develop technology designs that provide a competitive advantage by engaging consumers. Give us a call today at 888-412-7849, and be sure to join the conversation on Facebook.

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