Top 5 Blogs from ADCom Solutions

Since 1985, ADCom Solutions has designed, implemented and managed complex IT environments for some of the nation’s largest enterprises. Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction is the foundation on which ADCom has built its core beliefs. ADCom Solutions has been a leading provider of Managed IT Solutions and has uniquely positioned itself in the market to provide the best solutions with outstanding customer service and three core differentiators: speed, flexibility and customization. The following ADCom blogs are the top 5 in views from

1. Troubleshooting Citrix Environment Performance Issues

Network technicians face significant challenges when troubleshooting Citrix environment issues. While Citrix technology enables application virtualization to deliver applications to end users as a service, it complicates troubleshooting by making it virtually impossible to trace user issues end-to-end through the network.

Troubleshooting Citrix once took hours of tedious analysis, examining packets of data to attempt to trace a user transaction through the network. Often, once the transaction passed the Citrix server, mapping to the backend application became simply a hunch (read more)

2. Information Technology Jobs Changing Due to Cloud Computing

Anyone seeking information technology jobs knows change comes with the territory. New technology and rapid innovation require continual training to stay on top. However, throughout the past couple of decades, as computer networks developed as standard architecture, certain IT jobs became standard. Now, with the growth of cloud computing, many experts predict information technology jobs are about to experience another period of rapid change.

As more and more applications move to the cloud, in-house information technology jobs must change. Fewer organizations will need to develop internal software or maintain servers. Like the industrial revolution, no one grows their own food when they can go to the grocery store and buy what they need. Organizations will access solutions that have been developed elsewhere and implemented externally (read more)

3. ADCom Solutions Assists in Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort 

ADCom Solutions, a leading provider of managed IT services for some of the nation’s largest enterprises, recently welcomed a group of its employees back home from the storm-ravaged Northeast, where they were providing help for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  ADCom team members joined up with the Dallas-based, nonprofit military veterans group Honor Courage Commitment (HCC) before heading off to New York and surrounding states.  By the time they got back, the group had traveled through 14 states, trekked over 3,700 miles, and logged 304 hours of volunteer time in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort (read more)

4. Technology, Designs, Deployments and How they Affect your Business

Companies of all types are developing technology designs to interact with customers in new ways. These technology deployments enable customers to engage brands in ways unavailable in the past, promising increased loyalty and revenues for enterprises that are willing to move forward.

As an example of these types of technological designs, The Wall Street Journal reports on J. C. Penney’s efforts to install radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on its entire inventory. Sales staff equipped with iPads and iPods will immediately be able to locate stock. It will also facilitate customers checking out using smartphones (read more)

5. Benefits of IT Outsourcing That Will Keep Your Business Moving Forward

The dynamic nature of information technology and the role it plays in the organization shifts the benefits of IT outsourcing. As a result, the elements an enterprise must consider when engaging in IT outsourcing remain fluid. To keep your business moving forward, you must adopt the new paradigm. Otherwise, you risk falling behind the competition (read more)

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