Troubleshooting Citrix Environment Performance Issues

Troubleshooting CitrixNetwork technicians face significant challenges when troubleshooting Citrix environment issues. While Citrix technology enables application virtualization to deliver applications to end users as a service, it complicates troubleshooting by making it virtually impossible to trace user issues end-to-end through the network.

Troubleshooting Citrix once took hours of tedious analysis, examining packets of data to attempt to trace a user transaction through the network. Often, once the transaction passed the Citrix server, mapping to the backend application became simply a hunch.

OPNET, a strategic partner of ADCom Solutions, developed CX-Tracer as a tool to enable network engineers troubleshooting Citrix environments to map user transactions throughout the environment. Identifying root causes of user complaints no longer requires fuzzy analysis and guesswork.

By utilizing CX-Tracer, ADCom technicians troubleshooting Citrix environment problems identify root causes in minutes rather than hours. Bottlenecks resulting in slow end-user experience get opened quicker. End-user complaints get resolved more rapidly, resulting in decreased downtime and greater productivity for clients.

Troubleshooting Citrix

Working with strategic partners such as OPNET keeps ADCom on the cutting edge. Utilizing breakthrough technology like CX-Tracer, as well as industry-leading analytics to isolate and identify the location of performance problems, ADCom provides state-of-the-art application and network monitoring solutions to clients.

Delivering the highest quality end-user experience requires continuous monitoring of transactions from the end-user to the backend application. The ability to trace user transactions end-to-end, through the WAN and the Citrix environment enables faster response times and increased productivity on the network.m provides state-of-the-art application and network monitoring solutions to clients.

Monitoring and troubleshooting Citrix issues quickly puts the Citrix environment on par with other pieces of the overall picture ADCom monitors from end to end to provide the highest performance possible. Wherever bottlenecks or performance issues occur, ADCom’s application and performance monitoring solutions rapidly identify and rectify the situation.

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