Using Mobile Devices to Lower Costs and Boost Patient Care

With medical image archives increasing by as much as 40% annually, many hospitals are turning to technology to help patients and doctors manage their care. AT&T has created a mobile application that addresses the challenge of increasing demand for data storage while reducing image management costs. This pay-as-you-go, cloud-based solution will allow hospitals to provide […]

ADCom Solutions. Now Powered By AT&T.

AT&T understands that as the world of networks, mobile devices and cloud solutions grows more complex, customers want trusted solution providers who can offer support and personalized service to help guide them through it. For this reason, AT&T introduces the Partner Exchange Program, giving solution providers the opportunity to offer its powerful and reliable products […]

Improving User Productivity with Application Monitoring

Ultimately, the goal of your IT efforts is to increase end-user productivity.  As long as end-users can perform their jobs with little or no interruption from the network, you have been successful. Application monitoring can help make it even easier.  Here’s how: Application monitoring in real time alerts you when end-users are experiencing performance issues […]

Network Monitoring Can Keep You Updated in Real Time.

A smooth-running network with data flowing to all end-users is essential to your company’s success.  To keep your network operating like it should, you need information in real-time. Network monitoring delivers vital information to keep your wide area network (WAN) functioning at peak performance. How do you know if your WAN is working its best?  […]

Managed IT Performance Can Help CIOs Better Manage Their Business

Evolving technology brings a host of challenges to any company. Fortunately, managed IT performance offers solutions. For example, CIOs faced with shrinking budgets, cloud implementations, and network security woes find that outsourcing performance monitoring frees employees and allows them to focus on the company’s core business. The goal of investing in IT solutions has transitioned […]

Carrier Services for Customized IT Solutions

Connecting endpoints in your network requires several carrier services. Unless you have the resources to establish your own telecommunications network, you must rely on others to make your wide area network (WAN) a reality. Getting everything in working order can be a challenge, and keeping it working or making modifications can create more problems. Finding […]

Can Outsourcing Application Management Really Help Your Business?

The goal of every IT department is to provide the best applications to meet the needs of the company and its end-users. Even though the applications are company-specific, utilizing application management for a quality end-user experience is a routine function and can be easily outsourced. . Finding an effective application performance management (APM) solution can […]

Network Monitoring: Round-the-Clock Service from ADCom’s Network Operations Center

Your business network never sleeps, making the job of network monitoring a never-ending task. However, constant monitoring requires significant resources, which can tax already-thin IT budgets. How can you ensure the level of security and service necessary to keep your network operating safely and efficiently, without dedicating a significant portion of your IT budget to […]

In The Age Of Mobility, How Vulnerable Is Your Network?

Over the past few years, the number of remote employees has dramatically increased. If data and applications are accessible through the cloud, employees can work anywhere and at anytime from their own smartphones, tablets and other personal devices. That’s great for business, but it also raises security concerns. An employee’s lost phone or an identity […]

Newly Enhanced Network Monitoring Now With Data Visualization

If your organization employs a WAN (wide area network), you need a solution in place that continuously monitors your network to ensure the success of your company and the security of your information. It is imperative that your network monitoring solution automatically detect and respond to threats and performance issues in real time, as well […]