Managed IT Performance Service

With ADCom’s Managed IT Performance service, we can focus on monitoring, identifying, and resolving performance issues, so you can focus, on strategic IT projects. It’s a great partnership. Watch this video to learn more! Tweet

ADCom Solutions: An AT&T Solutions Provider

Did you know that ADCom has been partnered with AT&T since our inception in 1985? Since that time, we’ve grown from a hardware reseller into a complete solution provider for AT&T.  We’re a provider of network and mobility solutions, so we can design, contract, provision and install AT&T services. Watch the full video to find […]

WAN Managed Service Provider: See What Russell Scott of Lehigh Hanson, Inc. Says About ADCom

“ADCom as a managed service provider was used to monitor, provision and maintain nearly 500 circuits for Lehigh Hanson, Inc.  Managing that number of circuits can be a daunting task.  Added to the difficulty is Lehigh Hanson’s industrial environment and footprint which tends to be a significant distance from metropolitan areas. The relationship Lehigh Hanson […]

CIOsynergy Announces ADCom Solutions, as Official Sponsor for its January 31, Dallas Event.

150 CIOs and IT professionals will focus on the emerging trends in enterprise IT and their impact on greater efficiency and cost effectiveness at CIOsynergy Dallas on January 31, 2013. CIOsynergy, a provider of thought leading conferences, today announced that ADCom Solutions will be a key sponsor at its event on January 31, 2013 at […]

IT Fraud Detection: How Loss Prevention and IT Can Work Together

IT fraud detection is being used more and more today as Loss Prevention departments employ its in-depth analytics capabilities to help uncover abuse.  Several organizations, including many in the insurance industry, the National Retail Federation, and even the federal government, are looking to IT fraud detection methods to weave together the complex patterns typical of […]

Managed IT Services Can Improve A Company’s Service Delivery

Managed IT services can help your business find a balance between technology and cost in today’s economy.  Whether due to increased regulation, pressures to keep confidential information secure, tightening profit margins, hiring uncertainties, or an overextended IT staff, managed IT service providers can help you maintain or expand your capabilities to meet the growing technology […]

Managed IT Services: APM Custom Dashboards Need Flexibility

Application monitoring is just one of many reasons companies look to providers of managed IT services.  As data centers migrate to distributed and virtualized cloud environments, fewer companies find they have the internal resources necessary to monitor the day-to-day performance of essential programs and still maintain their focus on business-critical functions.  Since service degradation is […]

ADCom Solutions Assists In Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

ADCom Solutions, a leading provider of managed IT services for some of the nation’s largest enterprises, recently welcomed a group of its employees back home from the storm-ravaged Northeast, where they were providing help for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  ADCom team members joined up with the Dallas-based, nonprofit military veterans group Honor Courage Commitment (HCC) […]

Benefits of IT Outsourcing That Will Keep Your Business Moving Forward

The dynamic nature of information technology and the role it plays in the organization shifts the benefits of IT outsourcing. As a result, the elements an enterprise must consider when engaging in IT outsourcing remain fluid. To keep your business moving forward, you must adopt the new paradigm. Otherwise, you risk falling behind the competition. […]

Technology Designs, Deployments, and How They Affect Your Business

Companies of all types are developing technology designs to interact with customers in new ways. These technology deployments enable customers to engage brands in ways unavailable in the past, promising increased loyalty and revenues for enterprises that are willing to move forward. As an example of these types of technological designs, The Wall Street Journal […]