Application Performance Monitoring. It’s all about the end-user experience.

Application Monitoring is a high-definition approach to monitoring, analyzing and troubleshooting application performance.
Onboard analytics, forensic data capture, application and network insights allow us to isolate the fault domain, and get to
the root cause of your performance issues. We develop a monitoring strategy that allows our clients to benefit from a better end-user experience that costs less to operate and maintain. Application Monitoring as-a-Service means no capital expense, costly installations or resources to manage the tools. We deliver a comprehensive solution, all managed by our
24×7 network operations center (NOC).

ADCom Solutions is a leading provider of application and network performance management solutions. Industry leading technology is leveraged to track transitions across the application ecosystem. Performance baselines are established and our NOC receives real-time alerts when the user experience metrics are not meeting SLA thresholds. Experienced engineers use data forensics and analytics to rapidly isolate the fault domain. Get ahead of trouble calls. Reduce after-the-fact troubleshooting. Improve the end-user experience.

Monitor end-user response times and track performance over time. The real-time SLA dashboard provides insight to user experience by geography or work group, and application. Our engineers are able to quickly isolate users and applications that experience poor performance, and use composition charts to identify fault domain. Real-time reporting allows us to proactively alert and diagnose developing trouble conditions before users notice performance issues. Our 24×7 NOC monitors user, network and application performance around the clock to ensure consistent delivery.

analytics, dynamic reporting, historical trending

Get deep visibility into the performance of complex, multi-tier applications, combining code-level transaction tracing with fine-grained monitoring of application and system performance metrics. Leverage advanced analytics to automatically detect performance anomolies and correlate application behavior across multiple tiers to rapidly identify the root cause of application performance issues. Our tools can analyze any type of application and provide deep instrumentation for Java and .NET environment.

unified communication

Our Managed Unified Communications Xpert provides end-to-end service management for Unified Communications, including Cisco IP Telephony and Telepresence, during new deployments, upgrades and ongoing operations. Managed UC maximizes performance and availability through automated proactive testing, performance monitoring, configuration management and business intelligence reporting. Get access to dashboards, reporting and analytics of inventory,tests and other metrics to reduce outages and manage costs.

citrix monitoring end-to-end visibility

Citrix Desktop Virtualization enables the business user to work virtually anywhere. Citrix acts as a proxy for back-end applications, relaying information between the user and the back-end tiers that process user transactions traversing a Citrix server. When users are experiencing slow response times, our engineers are able to correlate user traffic and performance to quickly identify and isolate trouble conditions. Managed Citrix Monitoring restores visibility lost through proxy sessions and allows our engineers to correlate users to back-end application performance challenges.