Managed IT services can help your business find a balance between technology and cost in today’s economy.  Whether due to increased regulation, pressures to keep confidential information secure, tightening profit margins, hiring uncertainties, or an overextended IT staff, managed IT service providers can help you maintain or expand your capabilities to meet the growing technology demands on your business. These providers have the expertise to keep your hardware and software updated and functioning, monitor your network for security threats, and manage data transfer over the network to ensure your customers get the quality experience they deserve from your online services, while freeing up your internal IT staff to create a unique customer experience and reduce business operating costs.

Managed IT services can take the load off of your existing IT staff so it can focus on business-critical needs instead of the routine tasks of monitoring and maintaining your current systems, helping you leverage emerging technologies that can improve profitability and customer service.  Cloud storage or cloud computing, for example, may be a perfect fit for your business and customers, but if your staff is bogged down maintaining your current system, you may never get the opportunity to explore those options to reduce your overhead and operating costs and improve customer service.  The same is true of a new application on the market that may allow you to increase efficiency. By using managed IT services, you can free up your staff to pilot the program, saving you money and time and providing a better experience for your clients.

The added controls and data-reporting requirements placed on businesses today from regulatory agencies can overwhelm an IT staff short on resources and funding.  Managed IT service providers can help in one of two ways in these situations, either providing you the expertise needed to improve your existing systems to meet those requirements, or off-loading your staff of routine tasks so it can provide the necessary support.  Even if you’re not under the directives of a regulator, enhanced security and data protection is an expectation from your clients, and managed IT services can ensure you have systems in place to protect vital business information and customer information.

In any business, customers provide the lifeblood, and improving their experience to the greatest extent possible is paramount.  Making the strategic decision to move to managed IT service providers for system maintenance and support while freeing up your limited staff can provide better customer service through a network system with improved uptime and security.  Additionally, your business-focused staff can now create unique customer experiences and services, improving satisfaction and building brand loyalty in the process.   Ultimately, the money spent on outsourcing managed IT services can quickly be recuperated with improved system uptime, an enhanced customer experience, reduced operating costs, and a loyal customer base.

ADCom Solutions has the ability to deliver solutions that bring value to its clients’ business needs. Speed, flexibility, and customization allows our team of telecom professionals to meet changing needs and provide leading technology solutions to deliver a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Learn more at and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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