It seems like all providers in the communications industry claim to offer exceptional customer service, but few deliver like ADCom Solutions. Exceptional means each client stands above everyone else in the hierarchy of importance. Which is exactly what ADCom Solutions does; utilizing talent and resources few competitors can match.

Here’s proof. A large retailer situated in mall environments needed five circuits per store extended within 11 days– at 409 locations. Demanding over 2000 circuits in 11 days over a wide geographic area would have stopped many competitors, but ADCom Solutions simply went to work.

The first techs arrived on-site within 1.5 days after the contract was signed. Two techs were assigned per store, working over 60 stores per day to meet the deadlines. Additionally, three project managers, two account managers and an engineer assigned to the project helped get the job done.

The project had a tight deadline and required detailed coordination with the carrier, but ADCom Solutions helped jameshallison casino the client deliver on promises made to the business and shareholders. The client chose ADCom for its demonstrated ability to deliver quality service in a short period of time.

Want more proof? Another ADCom Solutions customer was upgrading to a wireless store environment and increasing the number of IP addresses within each store to accommodate additional “connected” devices. With over 1950 locations to upgrade in a uniform manner, a detailed plan of attack would be essential.

ADCom Solutions developed a detailed 13-page install guide for every technician to utilize while on-site. Not only did the guide help speed the work of the network technicians, uniformity in installation of the network circuits makes future upgrades and problem resolutions easier. By utilizing the guide and dedicating a project manager and three network engineers, ADCom completed the mammoth job within six months.

While others claim customer service above and beyond the rest, ADCom Solutions has the case studies to prove it. Contact us at 888-412-7849 to deliver your next project on budget and on time. Also, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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