To successfully manage today’s complex corporate IT department, a business needs highly skilled professionals who can provide 24-hour support. Unfortunately, the additional overhead and day-to-day maintenance can take away focus from  your organization’s core business objectives.

ADCom Solutions provides robust capability with application monitoring, network monitoring, and a network operations center that is open and accessible 24/7.

Application Monitoring

The complexities of your network and the origin of its application, whether on-site in your data center or provided as SaaS through the cloud, don’t matter to your end-users. If they experience a problem, you are responsible for solving it.

When your enterprise IT resources are stretched thin, identifying and isolating the fault domain forces your IT department to focus on fixing the problem, taking them away from more important projects.   Managed IT performance monitoring provides a solution that helps limit both costs and the time employees spend identifying and correcting performance issues.

Network Monitoring

Identifying the fault domain is the first step toward implementing a solution if an end-user issue develops. If that issue resides in your data center, your personnel can solve it. But what happens if the issue is with the network provider for your wide area network (WAN)? A member of your staff would have to open a trouble ticket with your carrier and follow through to its resolution, investing valuable resources in the process.

ADCom’s managed IT performance handles every detail from start to finish, allowing your employees to focus on the projects that keep your business competitive.

24/7 Mission Operations Center

We live in a global economy, which means business is always open. To successfully compete, you must be ready to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Committing a staff to maintain that constant performance can be costly.

By pooling resources with other enterprises and hiring a managed IT performance provider, you can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining availability and lower mean-time to recovery (MTTR) when issues do occur.

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Managed IT performance helps limit operational costs, improves availability of resources, and frees enterprise IT personnel resources to work on mission-critical projects. Outsourcing this routine function increases the competitiveness of your enterprise and makes good business sense.