Connecting endpoints in your network requires several carrier services. Unless you have the resources to establish your own telecommunications network, you must rely on others to make your wide area network (WAN) a reality. Getting everything in working order can be a challenge, and keeping it working or making modifications can create more problems.

Finding a partner to be your solutions provider makes good business sense. ADCom Solutions is recognized as an AT&T Solution Provider Champion. What does that mean? ADCom goes above and beyond to serve its customers and has the expertise to meet your need for carrier services.

Here’s How It Works.

ADCom assigns a project manager at the beginning to provide consistency throughout the life of the project. The project manager tracks and manages all move, add, change, and delete (MACD) orders. He or she also performs bill reviews for your carrier services, maintains network documentation, and more.  And, ADCom has the flexibility to bundle hardware, on-site services, managed services and transport into a single monthly service fee to reduce your capital expenditures.

ADCom has used its expertise to design and implement broadband solutions for some of America’s largest restaurant chains and retailers.  Whether you seek carrier services related to cable, DSL, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, Voice over IP (VoIP) or more, ADCom has the right connections and capabilities for your company.

ADCom and AT&T partner to provide flexible, customized solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs, as they have done for large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies for more than 25 years. This partnership provides a single source to solve your carrier services needs.

You don’t have to allocate in-house resources to deliver similar services.  Trust ADCom to handle your carrier services.

Contact ADCom today at [email protected] to get started.

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