Ultimately, the goal of your IT efforts is to increase end-user productivity.  As long as end-users can perform their jobs with little or no interruption from the network, you have been successful. Application monitoring can help make it even easier.  Here’s how:

  • Application monitoring in real time alerts you when end-users are experiencing performance issues and identifies the fault domain. The result is that problems are fixed quickly before they interrupt an end-user’s productivity.
  • Organizing users based on application, geography or workgroup makes it easier to isolate problems. Do file transfers between members of certain groups absorb bandwidth? Is your carrier experiencing a problem in a certain region or at a specific location? Application monitoring helps you answer these questions.
  • Application monitoring provides a clearer picture of your clients’ needs by analyzing how they actually use the resources available through your network. You receive critical data needed for planning future needs. Analyzing end-user utilization of resources keeps you ahead of the curve and ensures optimal end-user productivity.

Monitoring end-user activity does require a commitment of IT resources, which is why engaging with a reliable application performance monitoring (APM) partner such as ADCom Solutions makes good business sense. Outsourcing a routine function frees internal staff for other efforts.

Application monitoring helps identify and resolve issues quickly, often before they become noticeable to the end-user. By outsourcing monitoring, your employees can focus on more productive and profitable tasks that will keep your clients satisfied.

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