Evolving technology brings a host of challenges to any company. Fortunately, managed IT performance offers solutions. For example, CIOs faced with shrinking budgets, cloud implementations, and network security woes find that outsourcing performance monitoring frees employees and allows them to focus on the company’s core business.

The goal of investing in IT solutions has transitioned from driving business growth to implementing cost-saving solutions. Outsourcing services like managed IT performance monitoring is one move CIOs can make to help achieve this goal. Rather than commit highly skilled IT personnel to track and resolve trouble tickets, a managed IT performance provider like ADCom Solutions can quickly and easily direct them to the problem area for a faster, more efficient resolution.

The growth of end-user applications that are being implemented in the cloud also presents security problems for a CIO. Lower costs and greater flexibility can translate to less control and difficulty in network monitoring. Managed IT performance providers can facilitate transitions to the cloud and provide network monitoring services that can help you keep track of who is accessing your network and how.

The challenges faced by CIOs have evolved and will continue to change as technology advances. The best solutions focus on using internal resources to handle important projects while outsourcing routine functions such as monitoring IT performance.

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