A smooth-running network with data flowing to all end-users is essential to your company’s success.  To keep your network operating like it should, you need information in real-time. Network monitoring delivers vital information to keep your wide area network (WAN) functioning at peak performance.

How do you know if your WAN is working its best?  Here are some things to consider: What level of packet loss is your network experiencing? How does it vary across the network? What about latency? Are your end users experiencing abnormal delays along some portion of your WAN? Which applications dominate the traffic on your network? What is the status of trouble tickets?

ADCom Solutions has the answers you need.  ADCom offers NetFlow packet tracking to provide information on data flow through your network. NetFlow packets are delivered through a secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnel so your data remains safe and secure. Customization of your network monitoring efforts enables you to select which ports to track and report. You can also report utilization by class of service; identify rogue applications; and much more.

Performance reports deliver network-monitoring metrics in real-time on your PC or mobile device, allowing you to stay abreast of trouble spots or identify issues before they become more serious. You even can assess chronic issues that need to be addressed with your network, as well as schedule regular, customized reports to be delivered right to your inbox.

Dashboards tailored to the Help Desk and to the executives of your company provide information on current and recent trouble spots. A map gives visual data about the geography of problems. This gives you and your organization access to the vital information so you can stay informed and take any necessary action.

Of course, a key benefit of network monitoring is to resolving issues. ADNet Trouble Ticketing System (TTS) automates trouble ticket generation and enables you to seamlessly view troubleshooting activities in a single, online portal. Trouble ticket data is stored so you can view outage trends and request updates on resolutions, escalations, or communicate directly with carrier maintenance centers.

ADCom Solutions provides a complete suite of network monitoring services to keep you informed on the status of your WAN.

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