Your business network never sleeps, making the job of network monitoring a never-ending task. However, constant monitoring requires significant resources, which can tax already-thin IT budgets. How can you ensure the level of security and service necessary to keep your network operating safely and efficiently, without dedicating a significant portion of your IT budget to the effort? Simple. Outsource your network monitoring to ADCom’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

ADCom provides a Network Operation Center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. With the infrastructure and technology already in place, ADCom has the network monitoring services your business needs at a fraction of the cost of implementing such services internally.

The more widespread your wide area network (WAN) is, the more you need 24/7 support. The greater the geographical spread of your network, the more likely you are to need constant network operations. Outages at any time also could pose a threat to important applications.  Of course, the loss of network connections is only one concern. Constant network monitoring can also reveal other issues, such as latency or packet loss.  Do you have the personnel in place to properly monitor your network?

With ADCom’s networking monitoring services, you can be assured that if issues do arise, you’ll  be notified immediately. And when you are notified, chances are a trouble ticket has already gone out to your carrier.

Having a 24/7 NOC to maintain the security and operability of your network makes good business sense. Outsourcing to a trusted partner like ADCom Solutions makes even better business sense. You get round-the-clock network monitoring for a fraction of the cost, so you can focus your IT resources on your core business needs.

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