If your organization employs a WAN (wide area network), you need a solution in place that continuously monitors your network to ensure the success of your company and the security of your information. It is imperative that your network monitoring solution automatically detect and respond to threats and performance issues in real time, as well as predict possible issues in the future.

ADNet Solutions is a hosted software solution that monitors the health and performance of your wide area network, and is accessible from any browser on your desktop or mobile device. In addition to an integrated trouble ticketing system (TTS) and 24/7 support for seamless troubleshooting, monitoring and resolution, the system also provides performance reports that allow you to reach and analyze network availability, utilization, packet loss and latency.

And now, our newly enhanced system offers data visualization capabilities so you can view and manipulate data to retrieve meaningful information. The interactive graphs allow you to easily search and analyze circuit utilization. Simply drag the selector on the bottom of the graph to the time of day you would like to see represented. Once the desired traffic is illustrated in the graph, you can make specific selections, such as a peak or valley, to get the actual throughput figure.

The upgraded feature is part of ADCom Solutions’ continued effort to refine our products and services to accommodate the redefined needs of our customers.

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