Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Can Improve A Company’s Service Delivery

Managed IT services can help your business find a balance between technology and cost in today’s economy.  Whether due to increased regulation, pressures to keep confidential information secure, tightening profit margins, hiring uncertainties, or an overextended IT staff, managed IT service providers can help you maintain or expand your capabilities to meet the growing technology […]

Managed IT Services: APM Custom Dashboards Need Flexibility

Application monitoring is just one of many reasons companies look to providers of managed IT services.  As data centers migrate to distributed and virtualized cloud environments, fewer companies find they have the internal resources necessary to monitor the day-to-day performance of essential programs and still maintain their focus on business-critical functions.  Since service degradation is […]

ADCom Solutions Assists In Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

ADCom Solutions, a leading provider of managed IT services for some of the nation’s largest enterprises, recently welcomed a group of its employees back home from the storm-ravaged Northeast, where they were providing help for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  ADCom team members joined up with the Dallas-based, nonprofit military veterans group Honor Courage Commitment (HCC) […]