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We’re Not Just a Technology Provider. We’re Your Strategic Ally.

For over 35 years, ADCom has led IT innovation, delivering tailored solutions for top-tier companies nationwide. Our success is built on customer-centricity, strategic partnerships, cutting-edge technology, and a comprehensive service portfolio spanning Managed Services, Connectivity and SDWAN, Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Security, and more.

Our Commitment:
We’re not just a technology provider; we’re your strategic ally in navigating the dynamic IT landscape, ensuring your success every step of the way.

Join us at ADCom Solutions, where technology meets care, and success is a shared journey.

Connectivty & SDWAN®

With a range of 600+ connectivity providers, we empower businesses to streamline data management and boost productivity. Rely on our expertise to establish robust connectivity practices, vital for seamless operations and minimizing disruptions, particularly crucial for remote work environments. Trust our experts to guide you through the myriad of available options and tailor a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Fiber | Cable | Wireless | Satellite | TEM

Mobility & IoT

Mobile devices are integral in the current business landscape, facilitating remote work, enhancing productivity, and enabling real-time communication and access to critical data, thereby driving efficiency and competitiveness in today’s dynamic market. Having an expert guide in navigating mobile solutions is crucial due to the complexity of mobile technology and its rapid evolution, ensuring businesses leverage the most effective tools for their needs.

Wireless Services | Internet of Things (IoT) | Managed Mobility | Expense Management (WEM)

Customer Experience (CX)

Outdated tools and fragmented systems hinder customer experience, leading to longer wait times and increased workload for employees, resulting in customer churn. Implementing modern Customer Experience (CX) tools automates processes, empowering both employees and customers for faster interactions while eliminating the hassle of updating equipment. By tapping into a leading catalog of CX providers, businesses can seamlessly transition from on-premises to cloud communications, benefitting from centralized management, cost savings, and seamless connectivity across channels.

UCaaS | Contact Center | CPaaS | SMS Analytics | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Businesses increasingly rely on SaaS, prompting the need for efficient procurement and management solutions. Gain access to a comprehensive digital procurement platform offering streamlined management tools, simplified subscription management, and cost-saving automation, empowering organizations to effectively manage their SaaS applications and optimize IT spending.

Microsoft | Google | ERP | CRM | Productivity | Business Applications | IT Management | BI

Cloud Infrastructure

Simplify your cloud journey with our all-in-one platform and expertise. Partner with us to effortlessly streamline procurement, management, and optimization, ensuring control over spending and workforce security. Whether you’re new to the cloud or seeking comprehensive solutions, rely on our guidance to access leading providers, negotiate optimal terms, and find the best solutions tailored to your needs—all without any upfront costs.

Public, Private, & Hybrid Cloud | Data Center & Colocation | Disaster Recover

Managed Services

Our cutting-edge Managed Services solution offers proactive monitoring and management of your network infrastructure to prevent downtime and service disruptions. With our utilization of the powerful VEEUE® platform, your team gains control over NOC functions while our experts support troubleshooting and ticket management. Equipped with the latest tools and a dedicated team, we enable you to identify and resolve potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring maximum uptime and performance.

NOC | SOC | Professional Services | Smart Support | Asset Management


Utilize our advanced tools and dedicated team to secure multi-year energy deals at optimal rates while exploring eco-friendly alternatives for long-term cost savings. Seamlessly integrate energy solutions into your portfolio and streamline procurement with automation, accessing a wide range of top industry providers for: EV charging, water and waste management, electricity, natural gas, and solar solutions


Businesses seek expert guidance amid rising cyber threats. Our security solutions aid in vendor selection and cybersecurity education, covering essentials like SASE and managed firewalls. With remote work and cloud services expanding vulnerability, we provide evaluations, analyses, and services to fortify defenses, offering comprehensive security through a single advisor.

Physical Security | Network Security | Endpoint Security | Cloud Security | SASE

Project Management

Project Managers that assist in onboarding, organizing and streamlining strategic initiatives, technology upgrades, and lifecycle management.

Engineering Services

Engineers and subject matter experts to design, configure, and install the solution that meets your needs. Migrate to the latest technological, upgrade networks, and leverage SASE and SD-WAN.

On-site Technical Services

On-site, on-demand field coverage across the country, helping multi-site companies solve routine or emergency technical tasks.


Secure storage facilities to house and deliver lifecycle services for your equipment; including inventory management, staging, configuration, testing, assembly, and more.

IT organizations large and small face competitive and economic pressures to improve data access, ensuring operational continuity while reducing IT costs. With today’s IT environments becoming more distributed and heterogeneous, it gets more challenging to uniformly and centrally manage applications and devices from different suppliers spanning different models, configurations and deployments. Business needs are evolving so rapidly that IT teams need flexibility to add and change infrastructure equipment to suit shifting cost, performance, availability, and other requirements.

VEEUE® is purpose-built by ADCom Solutions to harness some of the most trusted technologies that 1000’s of companies already use to monitor and manage the most demanding and complex networks.  By harnessing the workflow capabilities of ServiceNow®, ADCom provides a familiar environment that minimizes training requirements to deliver the highest ROI for network monitoring solutions.  Furthermore, with the high performance of LogicMonitor under the hood you can now monitor your entire IT Environment Securely with AIOps, offering full-stack monitoring with domain-agnostic functionality.  Finally, with over 10,000 users and leading brands, Sisense augments every analysis with AI and machine-learning for forward-looking intelligence without the need for tech expertise.

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